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Collective Exhibition: Tunis. Art and Citizenship

Three Cultures of the Mediterranean Foundation will join the celebration of 70 years of bilateral diplomatic cooperation between Spain and Tunisia in 2017, with the opening of the collective exhibition: Tunisia. Art and Citizenship.


Author of the engraving: Joyce2

In 2016, the Three Cultures of the Mediterranean Foundation was partner in a project under the title of Art and Citizenship, launched by civil society in Tunisia through the Association Caravanes d’Espoir El Guattar in the region of Médenine, Tunisia. This partnership counted also with FOMEJE (Forum Méditerranée des Jeunes) from Morocco and Alternativi International from Bulgaria. The actions were developed with the economical support of the European program EuroMed Jeunesse IV Tunisia.

The project, under the same name of the exhibition, facilitated the mobility of youngsters from the different countries as well as their participation in a rich program of activities. They were in close contact with NGOs and Associations from Tunisia, very present in everyday life after the Revolution in 2011. Participants visited schools where they talked to the students and teachers; they also discovered traditions and history through the visit to museums. Everybody was in direct contact with Tunisian citizens, talking with them and experiencing different landscapes from a country that sees how their main economical source diminishes: tourism.

Participants were distributed in 4 workshops coordinated by the different partners on topics based on: Art, Journalism, Audiovisual Media and Theater. Participants worked in different teams with also time for a more personal project and the development of an individual initiative.

This exhibition shows a selection of the works developed by the Spanish participants: Juan Luis Rod, Laura Pintado, Jeyce2, María Rodríguez, Catalina Bejarano, together with Raouf Lakhdahar and Ilyes Kotrsi from Tunisia and Georgi Kasapov from Bulgaria. This represents a very personal vision of their experience, the elements that called their attention and their impressions about a country that is living one of the biggest changes in the Arab World after the so called Jasmine Revolution in 2011.


The opening of the exhibition will be on Sunday 29 January under the framework of the program Start’17.


More information of the activities in



Three Cultures of the Mediterranean Headquarters

Max Planck, nº 2

41092 Isla de la Cartuja

Seville, Spain


Opening hours:

From 29 January to 20 february 2017

Monday to Thursday: 9 to 19 h.

Friday: 9 to 15 h.

Week-ends and holidays closed (with the exception of Sunday 29 January 2017).


*Author of the cover image: Juan Luis Rod.


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